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“What should I do if…?”

Here is a list of  possible remedies for issues you might encounter while


If you have a fever, completely rest until the temperature returns to a normal level. Then rest for 2 more days.
The same goes for symptoms such as a sore throat, diarrhea and vomitting (even if you experience these without a fever).

Crashes (i.e. bike)-

Each crash may or may not have  serious consequences.  It’s recommended that you go to a good osteologist and
get a complete check up of your body to determine these consequences. Make sure  you always wear your helmet when on the bike.

Sores or Inflamations

Do not ride your bike if you have sores on your lower  limbs or spine.  It is better to consult with a specialist in these cases.

Bad Weather 

Contact me please. Try to avoid Specific Training Sessions if the weather is cold or very rainy. Postpone the Session to another
day of the week or ask me for an alternative training workout.

Blood Check-Ups

It’s useful to have a blood check-up approximately every 8 weeks, or if you notice chronic tiredness. Here are
some of the most recommendable check-ups:

· Hemochrome
· Iron (Sideremia) – Transferrin (TiBC)
· Ferritin
· Na, K, Ca, P, Mg.

For a proper evaluation, consult a physician.

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