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Pacing is key to racing more successfully. Often times a too fast or aggressive start ruins one’s race or training workout. Pacing is a skill that can be attained and perfected with training and repetition.

You’ve got to know yourself very well and understand your own limitations to execute the perfect race or get the most out of a training workout. Obviously, you need a little luck as well to win a race like this guy here in the video:

In 2009 and 2011 I raced Ironman Arizona and both times I managed negative split the marathon. I ran my way through the field. Although, I didn’t win the race (3rd, 4th) I triumphed in many other personal ways.

During the race I never gave up the hope and I strongly believed in my preparation, my fitness and mental toughness. In both races I ran the second half of the marathon faster than the first half.

By picking up the running pace and passing athletes I got myself into a happy and positive state of mind as opposed to slowing down, being passed by other runners and subsequently sleeping into a miserable and negative attitude which can happen.

My advice is to visualize your race. Know and expect to experience pain & discomfort at some point in the race. Be prepared mentally for it. Expect to work very hard to cross the finishing line, particularly in the final closing miles of the race. Great goals and challenges require a great preparation and the attitude of an adventurer because it is always harder than it looks.

Anyways, proper pacing will help to make you a better runner|triathlete.

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