24 April

Giovanny (Ecuador) 4:14h new PR @70.3 Peru

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T3 athlete Giovanny Marmol from Quito, Ecuador coming out of the water. He is Mr. Consistency! New best performance with a very fast 4:14h at 70.3 Peru. Giovanny, a full-time Ingenieur, family dad and busy managing a family business out of Quito. Always giving it a 100% whatever he does. A real pleasure for me […]

3 April

A quick guide to choosing running shoes

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RUNNING SHOES  Match the Shoes to Your Arch and Gait Pronation is the way your foot hits the ground. high arch: under-pronation which means that your foot doesn’t rotate inward enough to effectively absorb impact forces. flat-arch: over-pronation which means that the foot rotates inwards too much. Running shoes come in three main categories:  Motion-control […]

7 January

T3 – Tools To Triumph

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T3 – Tools To Triumph There is always room for improvements. But, we need to be willing to take a deliberate practice approach. There are many people who need to experience how much they can change if they are willing to invest into directed training and coaching. When I am willing to do the work […]

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