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Off-season or the time after the completion of an important race (Ironman) can be an excuse for athletes to eat as much and whatever they want. I did it, too. Did it help? No, not really. Yes, I enjoyed being lazy and “unstructured” with my diet. I ended up putting on too much weight,though, which took me months to lose again.

Gaining weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as it is kept within manageable limits. It is perfectly fine to put on a couple of extra pounds during a resting period.

Athletes will lose some fitness (power, endurance, strength), too. That is normal!

Remember that a rested body is able to absorb the right training stimuli just like a sponge.

I have learned, if I kept my body weight within a reasonable range I would find it a lot easier to get back into training and running particularly.

The bottom line is that a period of rest and weight-management can boost base training performance (reduced risk of (overuse)-injuries …) and your race results in 2016.

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