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Hello everyone,

you have been training diligently for a couple of months, now. It is February and our training is going well and the training results are looking better every week. Experiencing physical growth is a lot of joy and shall give us great hope and optimism that the future is going to deliver memorable race experiences. But wait, let us remain in the presence and take a look at what else one can do to reach an even higher performance level.

Peak performance = capabilities X motivation

I define capabilities as the sum of all performance attributes which are amongst others

  • Aerobic endurance
  • Strength endurance
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Aerobic power
  • Metabolic efficiency (fat vs carbs)
  • Bio-mechanical (ex: running form (stride distance, stride rate, ground contact times))
  • Neural (muscular recruitment—> larger pool of muscle fibers—>more strength–>improved economy etc)

Every single workout we do in training targets one or more of those attributes. Our training goal is to stress the body sufficiently (for example: a group of muscles (ST, FT a, FT b fibers)) in order to generate a new stimulus, then to absorb that stimulus with adequate recovery time and subsequently increase capabilities.

Training workouts must continue to deliver challenges to our body and mind which is, of course, easier said than done. We all respond differently to training. The body change over time and so must training, too.

Training programming must evolve constantly and explore new ways. That said, we should also stay connected to the things that have proven to yield success in the past.

The mind of an athlete requires training, too. We need to strengthen our mental game. Every workout is of importance and therefore never a waste of time. There is always something that we can pick up and learn about ourselves. I think it is important to stay relaxed and calm throughout preparation because it is a period that every athlete must undergo to achieve excellence.

We all have seen bad and great training and racing performances. I understood to change my attitude within a training session or a race, depending on how it was going.

For example, when my body wasn’t doing so well during a training session I would switch the core objective to training my mind rather than my body. In the end I always got something positive out of it. Mental agility helped me tremendously to refine, attain and to maintain mental focus, mental endurance and confidence. Regardless, I knew that every single experience was money in my memory bank.

True body & mind growth comes from entering new “territory”. Nothing new is accomplished when we repeat the same old “stuff” over and over again.

Motivation is our willingness to resume a workout, to pursue a goal (short and long term goals), to sustain a performance during a relentless long effort (e.g. studying for the Exams, training workout, race, other life events), to remain consistent and to repeat the things that no one else is willing to do.

In order to achieve greatness one must be motivated and willing to adapt and change the way of thinking, too.

Remember to be careful of what you are thinking. Control your thoughts because you will always be right regardless of what you are thinking.

Whether you believe in that you have what it takes to achieve your goal or not, you will always be right! Therefore, think positively! Keep believing that it can be done.

Behind every great performance stands a great desire!

We all carry that inner strength. We all do. We are not born as a looser. We can learn to loss and this means that we can also learn to win again.

Think and behave like a winner!

Dream big and write down your personal goals and think about them every day when you wake up and exercise. Think “I can, I can, I can do it!”.

T3 [T orsten T riathlon T raining]



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