25 January

Nowhere to hide! Group rides vs Solo

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Nowhere to hide! -by Brian Nath, Beginner to All-American Triathlete, Scottsdale, Arizona.  A few days ago I found myself out on the Sonoran Parkway putting in a solid hour at Tempo effort. On most days the parkway is the place to go when you want to lay down some focused training miles! 7.5 miles of smooth, […]

10 October

Talent vs Less Talented Athletes

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One of the differentiating factors between talented and less talented athletes is the size of energy system. The faster the athlete, the greater the anaerobic capacity. The better distance athletes have greater aerobic capacities. More talented athletes use a greater percent of their energy from the aerobic energy system. More talented athletes use energy at a […]

6 June

Tempo training coaching tips

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 Control your effort, be disciplined and develop a good feel for the pace. ‘Hard but comfortable’ is what you’re aiming for. Remain focused. It’s easy to lose concentration and slow down, or get carried away and speed up.  Improvements should be measured in terms of achieving a similar time for less effort, not pushing harder! […]

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