11 May

Race week! What do I have to do?

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Race week! Oh my god! No need to panic if you have done the work up to now. Here is a list of things that I figured out over the many years I have raced as a professional and that may work for you as well. A lot is common sense. Keep it simple. The […]

3 April

A quick guide to choosing running shoes

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RUNNING SHOES¬† Match the Shoes to Your Arch and Gait Pronation is the way your foot hits the ground. high arch: under-pronation which means that your foot doesn’t rotate inward enough to effectively absorb impact forces. flat-arch: over-pronation which means that the foot rotates inwards too much. Running shoes come in three main categories: ¬†Motion-control […]

26 September

Travel check list for triathlons

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Pre-race ID,Driving licens Triathlon membership card Pick up timing chip, race number, and safety pins at race registration Bring spare transition bags, safety pins and race belt Money, CC Rubber bands (cycling shoes) a towel for transition food for race morning such as energy bars, banana, gels and energy drink warm clothing Transition tool box […]

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