17 February

Feeling sick? Should I still race or should I not?

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Just a few quick thoughts on racing when not healthy. Racing when you are sick is not a great idea on many levels. For a start you will never be able to race to your full potential. So, if you still decide to race you only do it to please your ego or others. Your […]

6 August

How to manage pre-race nerves successfully?

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Race day can be  nerve-wracking for all athletes, regardless of experience or ability. But if you  let the butterflies take over, your heart will race, your muscles will tighten,  your energy will be drained and your performance will be impaired:( Thankfully,  taking a few pre-race steps to channel your nerves positively will ensure you’ll TRIUMPH. […]

28 May

Race & Travel Checklist

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TRIATHLON RACE & TRAVEL CHECKLIST: General Items O Wallet, ID, Passport, cash etc. O Triathlon Race licence (USAT Card etc) O Pre-Triathlon Race Food (items you prefer to bring from home and can’t do without ) O Triathlon Race nutrition (bars, gels, energy powder…) O Body glide, vasiline, baby oil O Small backpack (transition bag) O Sportswatch, […]

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