27 July

Taper yield positive & negative emotions

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Remain calm and embrace all emotions that will emerge during a proper taper. Emotions will always be part of the training process and racing. In an attempt to deliver your A-game in an upcoming event we need to reduce training stress during a taper in order to re-build physical and psychological strength. All of a […]

17 February

Feeling sick? Should I still race or should I not?

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Just a few quick thoughts on racing when not healthy. Racing when you are sick is not a great idea on many levels. For a start you will never be able to race to your full potential. So, if you still decide to race you only do it to please your ego or others. Your […]

28 May

Race & Travel Checklist

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TRIATHLON RACE & TRAVEL CHECKLIST: General Items O Wallet, ID, Passport, cash etc. O Triathlon Race licence (USAT Card etc) O Pre-Triathlon Race Food (items you prefer to bring from home and can’t do without ) O Triathlon Race nutrition (bars, gels, energy powder…) O Body glide, vasiline, baby oil O Small backpack (transition bag) O Sportswatch, […]

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