3 February

Behind every great performance stands a great desire!

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Hello everyone, you have been training diligently for a couple of months, now. It is February and our training is going well and the training results are looking better every week. Experiencing physical growth is a lot of joy and shall give us great hope and optimism that the future is going to deliver memorable […]

24 January

State of Excellence (SOE)

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During my short distance career (1991-2004, 30 elite victories, Bavarian Champion 1996,first debut ITU World Cup triathlon Lausanne 2000, top 5 European Cup 2001, OD: 1:49h) I had bad days and great triathlons, especially in races where I was able to enter a state of excellence (SOE). When you enter a SOE everything “flows”. The flow […]

12 November

Winter training-strength, stability, flexibility

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In Endurance sports like cycling, running and in particular triathlon, athletes must train a remarkable amount of volume to improve in all 3 disciplines, the swimming, cycling and running. At the elite Ironman or Olympic Distance level it is not uncommon to exercise over 28hrs each week – that’s about 5 to 8 hours of […]

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