4 February

Explore & Discover

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My life thus far on this planet taught me one important lesson that is to remain open minded as a human being, coach and athlete. Therefore, I’d like to suggest to adopt the attitude of an explorer by which we challenge ourselves mentally and physically from time to time. When we stop trying to make […]

6 August

How to manage pre-race nerves successfully?

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Race day can be  nerve-wracking for all athletes, regardless of experience or ability. But if you  let the butterflies take over, your heart will race, your muscles will tighten,  your energy will be drained and your performance will be impaired:( Thankfully,  taking a few pre-race steps to channel your nerves positively will ensure you’ll TRIUMPH. […]

14 June

Exercising shouldn’t be a chore

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Ever wondered why I am still exercising after all these years?  We all have different motives and motivations of course and mine is to “play”.  I played football and tennis for many years as a boy & junior until I switched to triathlons in 1990.  I achieved my triathlon goals because I always tried to […]

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