7 May

Iron Will

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When I was 17 years of age I joined a running group of seasoned marathon runner’s. Everyone was talking about the importance of being tough. A few years later when I climbed up the junior triathlon ranks and received a nomination to join the Germany National Junior Squad a training plan was handed to me […]

11 April

Training strategy Part 1 -Training planning & injury avoidance

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DOB: 02.January 1974 BP: Berlin (Charlottenburg) -West Germany   As a student of the sport since 1991 (over 23 years) I’ve grown from the average teenage athlete, awkward and full of questions, to an elite and some considered me to be world class athlete. Early in my triathlon career I took an interest in coaching […]

31 March

DTB=Dare to believe

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Dare to believe…(DTB) in yourself! I learned that what it comes down to is the transformation within myself. Only then I have conquered everything and achieved greatness. It is like the quest for the holy grail. But, don’t be blinded since the holey grail is not what is really important but the quest itself. The transformation within […]

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