9 August

Protein banana cake without flour

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A couple of moons ago I experienced (huh -I wish it would happen less often) an overwhelming urge for something sweet. It’s like someone kicked me in the butt. Instinctively, I opened up swiftly all cabinets in the kitchen to find that golden “nugget” of temporaily bliss. Naturally, I found absolutely nothing to quench my cravings which turned out to be a […]

15 April

Ironman Triathlon Race Day Salt Intake

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Hey Tri-athletes and returning visitors, I went through my rather vast archieve the other day and found an interesting piece on hyponatremia and Ironman Triathlon Race Day Salt intake.   Race season is approaching quickly and thus race specific training workouts or the BTD (big training days) must become a key element of an e.g. Ironman […]

28 January

Triathlon Recovery snack

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Today, I would like to show you a great recovery snack I love to eat after a long day on the bike. The snack is very easy to prepare. 1 egg 2 potatoes 1x 60g Edamer or Gauda 100g of Tuna (I like to blend and add the following ingredients as well: approx. 3 to […]

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