7 January

T3 – Tools To Triumph

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T3 – Tools To Triumph There is always room for improvements. But, we need to be willing to take a deliberate practice approach. There are many people who need to experience how much they can change if they are willing to invest into directed training and coaching. When I am willing to do the work […]

23 December

Build your brainpower!

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Going the full distance whether it is climbing a mountain, hiking nonstop for 24 or 48hrs, bicycling 600k,1200k or racing triathlons (the stuff we like to do) requires a high level of mental toughness. It can be challenging to maintain motivation during the training period and the “race” itself. We need to give everything we […]

16 December

The Basics of Endurance Success

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      Here is my quick summary of thoughts on the basics I believe success in endurance sports comes down to: Know your body Know your own condition Train consistently Almost never overextend yourself in training, although, there are times we have to overreach, (I believe that one can’t always Remain in a comfy […]

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