3 April

A quick guide to choosing running shoes

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RUNNING SHOES  Match the Shoes to Your Arch and Gait Pronation is the way your foot hits the ground. high arch: under-pronation which means that your foot doesn’t rotate inward enough to effectively absorb impact forces. flat-arch: over-pronation which means that the foot rotates inwards too much. Running shoes come in three main categories:  Motion-control […]

7 January

T3 – Tools To Triumph

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T3 – Tools To Triumph There is always room for improvements. But, we need to be willing to take a deliberate practice approach. There are many people who need to experience how much they can change if they are willing to invest into directed training and coaching. When I am willing to do the work […]

23 December

Build your brainpower!

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Going the full distance whether it is climbing a mountain, hiking nonstop for 24 or 48hrs, bicycling 600k,1200k or racing triathlons (the stuff we like to do) requires a high level of mental toughness. It can be challenging to maintain motivation during the training period and the “race” itself. We need to give everything we […]

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