12 December

Aerobic “fat burning” training

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What a difference 3 months can make. Augusto Penzo came to me about 3 months ago and asked if I had room for another athlete. We had a long 1:1 meeting and talked about everything, the way I work with athletes and what we have to do as far as his training and diet was […]

9 December

Suffering gives us the motivation to change

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Don’t get too upset if you don’t always get what you want. That’s life! Suffering gives us the motivation to change. Whether that change is positive or negative is up to us. Suffering also gives us the gift of empathy for all who suffer as we do. Kids should learn this, too. Playing sports (racing) […]

6 December

Stride distance X Stride rate = SPEED

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Coaches and athletes are constantly looking to improve speed for running. Stride length and stride rate are two ways of doing that. It is the “trailing leg” or back leg that determines stride distance and how much ground is covered each stride. In order to extend stride distance we need a stronger push off the […]

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