6 December

Stride distance X Stride rate = SPEED

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Coaches and athletes are constantly looking to improve speed for running. Stride length and stride rate are two ways of doing that. It is the “trailing leg” or back leg that determines stride distance and how much ground is covered each stride. In order to extend stride distance we need a stronger push off the […]

27 November

How to improve running speed?

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During my short course* Triathlon career (1991-2004) with many 32min 10k’s off the bike, I worked very hard on improving my stride length with specific strength training such as  hill repeats (bounding —> view video).  speedwork  plyometrics  stretching & flexibility training  miles miles miles of running on trails etc  Increasing my rear leg drive with […]

26 September

Travel check list for triathlons

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Pre-race ID,Driving licens Triathlon membership card Pick up timing chip, race number, and safety pins at race registration Bring spare transition bags, safety pins and race belt Money, CC Rubber bands (cycling shoes) a towel for transition food for race morning such as energy bars, banana, gels and energy drink warm clothing Transition tool box […]

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