21 May

Pacing skill- a key quality in becoming a successful triathlete

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Pacing is key to racing more successfully. Often times a too fast or aggressive start ruins one’s race or training workout. Pacing is a skill that can be attained and perfected with training and repetition. You’ve got to know yourself very well and understand your own limitations to execute the perfect race or get the […]

3 April

A quick guide to choosing running shoes

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RUNNING SHOES¬† Match the Shoes to Your Arch and Gait Pronation is the way your foot hits the ground. high arch: under-pronation which means that your foot doesn’t rotate inward enough to effectively absorb impact forces. flat-arch: over-pronation which means that the foot rotates inwards too much. Running shoes come in three main categories: ¬†Motion-control […]

6 December

Stride distance X Stride rate = SPEED

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Coaches and athletes are constantly looking to improve speed for running. Stride length and stride rate are two ways of doing that. It is the “trailing leg” or back leg that determines stride distance and how much ground is covered each stride. In order to extend stride distance we need a stronger push off the […]

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