12 November

Winter training-strength, stability, flexibility

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In Endurance sports like cycling, running and in particular triathlon, athletes must train a remarkable amount of volume to improve in all 3 disciplines, the swimming, cycling and running. At the elite Ironman or Olympic Distance level it is not uncommon to exercise over 28hrs each week – that’s about 5 to 8 hours of […]

25 January

Nowhere to hide! Group rides vs Solo

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Nowhere to hide! -by Brian Nath, Beginner to All-American Triathlete, Scottsdale, Arizona.  A few days ago I found myself out on the Sonoran Parkway putting in a solid hour at Tempo effort. On most days the parkway is the place to go when you want to lay down some focused training miles! 7.5 miles of smooth, […]

28 October

Weight lifting

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Triathletes and  runners who are new to Ironman or ultra running and plan to do it successfully and for many years should consider general strength training including some abdominal and back exercises to strengthen those muscle groups. Triathletes and runners develop sore abs and back muscles after an Ironman or ultra run. Our back muscles […]

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