7 April

My top 5 core exercises

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3x sets of 12 repetions of each exercise And, remember, those 5 exercises are part of a comprehensive core workout. Select one of them or all and add them perhaps to your core routine. Have fun with it, be inspired and creative! 1. Bicycle Crunches This move works your abs two and a half times […]

26 March

Develop strength for (Ironman) Triathlons with hill running

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Running the marathon in an Ironman is more about strength than speed.  During my pre-season training my transitions run aren’t “fancy” (only zone 2!!) and only serve the purpose to go through the emotions having to run off after a long bike ride and to maintain proper running form (tall, turnover, proper foot-placement, forward lean, […]

23 January

Specific & Unspecific Triathlon Strength training

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Strength training for us is one of many training methods.  Strength training has been around for many years. In the 50’s and 60s running coaches have already emphasized strength training. Since then coaches focused on high-rep & light weights or low-rep & heavy weights. And, of course, there are coaches that hadn’t included strength training […]

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