17 February

Feeling sick? Should I still race or should I not?

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Just a few quick thoughts on racing when not healthy. Racing when you are sick is not a great idea on many levels. For a start you will never be able to race to your full potential. So, if you still decide to race you only do it to please your ego or others. Your […]

12 August

(1) “What should I do if…?

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“What should I do if…?” Here is a list of  possible remedies for issues you might encounter while training… Illness If you have a fever, completely rest until the temperature returns to a normal level. Then rest for 2 more days. The same goes for symptoms such as a sore throat, diarrhea and vomitting (even […]

9 August

Protein banana cake without flour

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A couple of moons ago I experienced (huh -I wish it would happen less often) an overwhelming urge for something sweet. It’s like someone kicked me in the butt. Instinctively, I opened up swiftly all cabinets in the kitchen to find that golden “nugget” of temporaily bliss. Naturally, I found absolutely nothing to quench my cravings which turned out to be a […]

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