14 June

Exercising shouldn’t be a chore

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Ever wondered why I am still exercising after all these years?  We all have different motives and motivations of course and mine is to “play”.  I played football and tennis for many years as a boy & junior until I switched to triathlons in 1990.  I achieved my triathlon goals because I always tried to […]

11 April

Training strategy Part 1 -Training planning & injury avoidance

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DOB: 02.January 1974 BP: Berlin (Charlottenburg) -West Germany   As a student of the sport since 1991 (over 23 years) I’ve grown from the average teenage athlete, awkward and full of questions, to an elite and some considered me to be world class athlete. Early in my triathlon career I took an interest in coaching […]

13 March

Sleep yourself to more success in triathlons

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During normal training, before competitions and peak training phases I always try to accumulate as much sleep as possible. Yes, a solid nap and 8+ hrs of sleep every night makes me feel like a million Dollars. I swear it has made a huge difference in my entire career. Sleep can enhance your performance.  Period. And, […]

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