28 January

Triathlon Recovery snack

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Today, I would like to show you a great recovery snack I love to eat after a long day on the bike. The snack is very easy to prepare. 1 egg 2 potatoes 1x 60g Edamer or Gauda 100g of Tuna (I like to blend and add the following ingredients as well: approx. 3 to […]

17 January

Restorative Nutrition for Triathletes

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Restorative Nutrition Low-zinc diet 1. Peak O2 uptake down —> decreased muscle strength 2. O2 output down 3.Respiratory exchange ratio down—> endurance decrease Omega 3 1. Motivation and drive to succeed is higher in athletes with omega-3 fats–> Less depressed. 2. Improved performance due to upgrading blood flows to muscles. 3. Reduces muscle inflammation. Glutamine 1.Improved connective-tissue repair. Vitamin […]

8 January

Healthy Diet: My top 8 healthy choices

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Over many years, as a goal driven elite athlete I was always motivated and interested in refining my diet to become a more successful athlete. Athlete’s success depends on training consistency & training content. Health still remains the foundation upon training is build. Being unhealthy or injured is an athlete’s no.1 enemy. Therefore, my priority […]

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