7 January

T3 – Tools To Triumph

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T3 – Tools To Triumph There is always room for improvements. But, we need to be willing to take a deliberate practice approach. There are many people who need to experience how much they can change if they are willing to invest into directed training and coaching. When I am willing to do the work […]

27 November

How to improve running speed?

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During my short course* Triathlon career (1991-2004) with many 32min 10k’s off the bike, I worked very hard on improving my stride length with specific strength training such as  hill repeats (bounding —> view video).  speedwork  plyometrics  stretching & flexibility training  miles miles miles of running on trails etc  Increasing my rear leg drive with […]

8 April

Endurance Triathlon Training – increase mitochondria count with the right intensity

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A regular conversation I have with athletes who are looking to improve their performance is what physiological factors are limiting their performance. I am not going to write an essay here, so I just briefly sum it up:  Better aerobic conditioned athletes can sustain a higher % of their V02peak than lesser trained triathletes.  Better […]

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