13 November

Want to run a 10k a lot faster???

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Like every boy in Germany I loved to play soccer. I was fascinated by the game. Some would say I was obsessed but we all were playing it every day before, at and after school on streets. 7 days a week. I became really good at it and advanced to the elite level. Practically I […]

3 November

Stride length related to hamstring injuries?

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Faster running requires a longer stride length and a faster turnover. Generally, many long distance runners and triathletes train too slowly in relation to their target race speed for long periods of time. The runner becomes fairly well conditioned at running slowly and running economy at that particular pace improves obviously, too. But, when it […]

25 October


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Breath is probably the most elementary motion within our body and in close dialogue with Mother Nature. Our breath means ultimately life. Not only due to its delivery of Oxygen into our body but also because it connects our body with our environment we living in. Breathing helps to enhance our awareness of being alive. […]

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