8 April

Endurance Triathlon Training – increase mitochondria count with the right intensity

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A regular conversation I have with athletes who are looking to improve their performance is what physiological factors are limiting their performance. I am not going to write an essay here, so I just briefly sum it up: ¬†Better aerobic conditioned athletes can sustain a higher % of their V02peak than lesser trained triathletes. ¬†Better […]

22 February

What’s new in the world of Endurance training?

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Sports Journalist or so called fitness experts love to claim in magazines every now and again they know something new, draw attention, make readers confused and make themselves look cool and brilliant. The reality is that not much has changed over many years. You still need to train right. Train hard as in being consistent […]

17 February

Feeling sick? Should I still race or should I not?

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Just a few quick thoughts on racing when not healthy. Racing when you are sick is not a great idea on many levels. For a start you will never be able to race to your full potential. So, if you still decide to race you only do it to please your ego or others. Your […]

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