Triathlon Training Philosophy


My Mission:

Torsten’s mission is to teach you the Art of Triathlon Training. He develops YOU, the athlete, to achieve your true potential. Torsten creates an individual tailored, and result-producing coaching service, that attracts athletes seeking quality, an edge and a forward thinking coaching approach from someone who combines the experience of a (ex) world-class athlete and coach at the same time.

I accomplish this transformation through my enthusiasm for my athlete, my ability to put myself into your shoes, thinking outside the box, my communication skills, 25+years of experience as a high performance elite triathlete and my work with other highly accomplished coaches around the world in the past, sports science, my understanding of what triathlon training is all about, and a passion for carefully designing the most customized training program. I deliver coaching in a fun, efficient and enjoyable atmosphere.

I believe everything I make, and everything I do must be carefully calibrated for my athlete in order to bring the best out of everyone.

T3 Coaching & Teaching:

I enjoy working with athletes who are committed to training and goals.  I believe in delivering a proactive coaching system that teaches & guides athletes with the goal in mind to achieve a “new” sense of value and appreciation of their own talents & strengths. My coaching will provide you with all the necessary tools in order to attain an edge and succeed in sports which also can be applied to everyday life’s various challenges.


I believe in the importance of carefully listening to my athletes’ needs, concerns and requirements in order to deliver a truly individualized plan that is adjustable, delivers the right amount of stimulus for growth and ensures a healthy balance between training and the stress of life.

An athlete’s ability to train consistently is the foundation for improving fitness and achieving goals.  Injuries, illness and a lack of recovery are an athlete’s enemies.  Like any good relationship, in order to ensure long-term success, it’s paramount to communicate with your coach so that together we can understand your reactions to training, recovery pattern and other challenges.

Torsten Abel continuos to work with a broad variety of triathletes, from all around the world, and at all different levels, from beginner to elite. He is providing them the tools to reach their personal best performance.  Individuals who are most successful with the approach tend to value some or all of the following:

  • Results
  • Integrity
  • Seek individualized and ongoing coaching support via training programming, email, text, phone and private 1:1 work.
  • Expertise
  • Enthusiasm for endurance sports
  • Are interested in receiving additional guidance/advice/education (sports science)/training analysis (heart rate, power/watts, etc.)
  • Thrive on accountability, discipline and consistency in training.
  • Need help to identify realistic yet challenging goals.

T3 is NOT a cookie-cutter and generic training template.  The triathlon is a challenge, both physically and mentally, and it requires complex planning and preparation to guarantee race day execution. I am committed to each individual athlete to deliver the greatest plan every time.

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