Triathlon is a challenge, both physically and mentally, that requires long and complex preparation to guarantee race day excellence.  Over the years, Triathlon Coach Torsten has helped broad variety of triathletes – amateurs to elites – providing them the tools to reach their personal best performance.  In their own words, some of our athlete’s share their experience with T3 Torsten Triathlon Training:


“I am a busy professional with a family and substantial work commitments.  I’m also a competitive athlete that expects a lot from myself and my coach – even with limited time each week.  In late 2014, when I decided to ‘get serious’ about triathlon and start competing at a higher level, I researched several coaches from basic online solutions to ‘white glove’ style programs for executives.  My goal was to move from middle of the pack ‘age grouper’  to podium contention at the big races.  I found Torsten Abel to be more thoughtful than some of the larger, less personal coaching services out there. He takes the time to truly understand your time constraints, your goals and physical potential (through testing, not estimating).  He uses performance data to establish a plan that will work for each athlete. Without a personalized program, you can waste a lot of time in this sport and not see any improvement. I know because I was ‘self-coached’ for several years with very little success and a number of injuries.  In the last 2 years, my 70.3 race time has improved from 5:28 in Austin TX to 4:40 at Vineman in 2016.  I accredit the improvement to the care Torsten has taken in developing my plan.  I have a direct and efficient communication line and we alter my plan when necessary for travel or fatigue etc.

The best coaches know how to motivate and inspire, not simply prescribe workouts.  They hold you accountable for your own expectations.  This is the art of coaching – the ability to bring out the best in athletes.  Torsten is the best coach in the business and accomplished motivator.    If your goal is to grow as an athlete without risking big mistakes in training and overuse, I highly recommend the thoughtful approach that t3 delivers”.

Caleb Porter (San Anselmo, CA) T3 since 2014


“Once again, Triathlon Coach Torsten, thank you again for everything! I am still pretty shocked at my time and am very confident that I would have come nowhere close to that type of finish without your advice and support over the past few months and during the race weekend! Your unrivaled enthusiasm for your athletes and natural coaching talent definitely proved to me that you have chosen the correct profession”.

Andrew Pittinos (Greenville, South Carolina) -a beginner triathlete,who trained for his first 70.3 Triathlon which had exceeded his own expectations & goals greatly (Swim 26min Bike 2:46h Run 1:46h = 5:10h)

“If you are looking for the best triathlon coach to either get started in the sport or take your racing to the next level then choose Torsten. His wealth of knowledge, communication skills and experience in the sport are unmatched. I worked with Triathlon Coach Torsten for only three months to prepare for the Triathlon Age Group Nationals last year (2015) and saw big gains. With his structured training I shaved 4 minutes off my PR and hit my race goal of 2:15 hours. I look forward to working with him again and would recommend his coaching to anyone!”

Doug Barrett (Triathlete), Sausalito (Marin,Bay Area), California

“Torsten is an awesome triathlon coach! Attentive, knowledgable, cares about his athletes, and knows what it takes to get to the next level! I had a phenomenal first year with him. Went from a 5:04h 70.3 to a 4:31h in my first year with him”.

October 2015, Brian Nath (Triathlete) – Dallas, Texas


“World-class coaching is not just for world class athlete’s! It turns out it’s available to a very average athlete like me. I can think of nothing better I could have done with my life, for myself, than train with Torsten.

I’ve had more pleasure out of my training with him than in all the other triathlons and marathons I’ve done put together. Racing in the target event (Dambuster Olympic Triathlon) was an experience way beyond anything I had imagined, as was my performance. I did not believe I could do what I have done. That is an incredible experience to have. At last I understand what people are talking about when they talk about the buzz and the rush of competing.

The man is an inspiration, no just providing the training program, the exact expert advice I needed exactly when I needed it, guidance about nutrition, astonishing help with my run technique, but also motivation and encouragement. When some who has achieved so much in triathlon tells me I had a good training session it means a lot. More importantly he kept me strong and healthy, taking no risky short-cuts but building all the support systems I needed to go faster, for longer.

The knowledge and experience Torsten has given me go way beyond Triathlon and has had a huge positive effect in my life. If you’re thinking about working with Torsten stop thinking and do it”.

June 2015, John Turley (AG Group Triathlete) -Leicestershire, England

“The workouts were always very interesting which made them go by quickly even if they were very hard. Triathlon Coach Torsten also has a very positive approach and listens to each athlete’s needs. Around this he is reachable on a personal level enabling the athlete to benefit from adjustments to the program when or if needed.”

Leanda Cave (Pro Triathlete) – 2012 Ironman Kona World-Champion -Miami, Florida


“Thank you Torsten for acknowledging my previous triathlon coaching experience! I did not have a frame of reference….so, after some time, I thought it was my limitations as an athlete!!! I have yearned to test my boundaries. To be heard. To be seen and acknowledged. I am so appreciative of what you are doing….I know now that I am a good triathlete…a great athlete! These times are precious to me….as I waited a long time in this life before competing. This is truly a part of who I am. I LOVE IT! Your approach to triathlon coaching is rare in my opinion. I am lucky to have found you!!

Jennifer Hollibough (Triathlete) -Morgan Hill, California


“Torsten is the best triathlon coach that I know or have heard about.  I have used several and heard about many from my many tri friends.  My brother uses him too and he has done 7 IM.  I have PR’d at age 53 in the half marathon (1:39–>1:34h) and 10k (41min) because of Torsten. He listens, doesn’t over train, super smart.  I recommend him highly and without qualification”.

Jamie Halper (Runner, Age-Group Short Course Triathlete) – Pacific Palisades (LA), California


“Torsten is a very successful Ironman triathlete and a successful triathlon coach. Great professional attitude and yet humble presence despite his capability as a professional triathlete. I was with another coaching company which did not know what they were doing. I had not improved with them either after almost a year with them. I had been injured several times with them and a friend pointed out that they were not triathletes. They were very expensive so I left them. Right away Torsten conducted testing and came up with a new training plan which worked. My next race (Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon) I had improved tremendously. And I did very well in my first Ironman Triathlon.”

Lowell Stadelman (Age-Group IM Triathlete)- San Diego, California


“Triathlon Coach Torsten has an uncanny ability to take his knowledge and walk a mile in your shoes to come up with each specific workout plan, down to each specific workout. He keeps it interesting by alternating between race specific triathlon planning, when appropriate, and general strength/build phases. The key is that he varies the workouts…Maybe the overall goal is the same, but he mixes up the workouts to keep the athlete focused and engaged.”

Jeff  Block (Olympic Distance & 70.3 Ironman Triathlete) – San Francisco, CA


“Met Torsten in Tucson over the winter. At the time I was coaching myself but knew deep down that I needed a change. Triathlon Coach Torsten knows what it takes to be the best and has been there as an athlete as well. Torsten is the best triathlon coach I’ve ever had when it comes to expertise and communication. I talk with him multiple times a day and he comments on every workout I put into my training log.”

Kelsey Withrow (Pro Triathlete & Pro Cyclist) – Santa Cruz, California


“Torsten’s personal approach and triathlon coaching based on my schedule vs. what other triathlon programs offer in forcing you into group programs was a selling point for me.”

Kristin Robinson (Age-Group IM Triathlete)- Phoenix, AZ

“Triathlon Coach Torsten is a high performing, experienced professional triathlete, has had extensive training in the coaching field, provides individualized training programs (not cookie-cutter), and is passionate about what he does.”

Karen McClelland (Elite-Masters Triathlete & Runner)- Boulder, CO

“Triathlon Coach Torsten has a passion for coaching which is immediately evident to all of his athlete. He was dedicated to ensuring  I achieved my goals when I was training for my first Ironman. He spent an immense amount of time working with me to craft a customized triathlon training plan. During my Ironman Triathlon Training he was able  to adapt the plan (real time) based on how I felt on any given day and after each workout. He is very responsive and goes WAY above and beyond in everyway to ensure all questions are answered. Torsten’s insights as a triathlon coach and a mentor made my Ironman Triathlon Training experience a very positive one.

Brandon Sedloff (Ultra-Marathon Runner & IRONMAN AGE-GROUP TRIATHLETE) – Hong-Kong / San Francisco


“Triathlon Coach Torsten provided the most bang for my buck – amazing value, very customized triathlon training plan with frequent contact via email or phone.”

Jonathan Flint (Age-Group IM & 70.3 Triathlete)- Seattle, WA


“I like that Triathlon Coach Torsten is super available to his athletes. He is flexible and always takes into account my schedule and my personal preferences regarding cross training etc. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the sport, including nutrition, injury and body mechanics. I have found his advice invaluable.”

Lynne Gladstone (Marathon Runner) – Los Angeles, CA

“After a while, Triathlon Coach Torsten was able to dial in my triathlon training so I could improve without crushing myself at any one workout. Torsten’s understanding of training with specific goals is the best.”

Michael Halper (Triathlete & Runner)- San Francisco, CA

“I liked that Triathlon Coach Torsten always gave me a week’s worth of workouts ahead of time.  I liked that he used It was a good forum to track workouts, provide comments, etc. Torsten always had a consistent training message. He stressed working in low HR zones. I found that Torsten was a great Triathlon coach because he displayed good empathy and tried to understand my life to take my unique circumstances into consideration. Many of the other triathlon coaches I interviewed really wanted to force their personal training beliefs on me which is not what I want. I want a triathlon coach who understands my unique goals and works with me to achieve them.”

Matt Gazulis (Age-Group Ironman Triathlete)- San Francisco, CA

“Triathlon Coach Torsten has a very structured approach and uses his knowledge and 20+ year of experience of triathlon racing & coaching as well as specific data from the triathlete to put a very detailed training plan together.”

Leanda Cave (Pro Triathlete) – ITU World Triathlon Champion, 2x Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon Champion-Miami, Florida

“His (Triathlon Coach Torsten) ability to communicate his triathlon training methodology and why we are doing certain things (physiologically). Of high importance is his ability to modify plans based upon feedback many times on short notice mid-week. I also felt I needed someone with World-Class level experience to bring me to an elite level.”

Christopher Stock (Elite Amateur Triathlete) – Washington, D.C.

“I was fortunate enough to meet Triathlon Coach Torsten Abel at an Ironman 70.3 race in the UK during the summer of 2005. Shortly after this he agreed to become my coach and I think it’s fair to say I have not looked back since. At the time of meeting Torsten I was at a bit of a crossroads with my Triathlon development. As an Ironman age grouper having completed a couple of full distance races I really did not feel like I was going anywhere! Little did I know how much that was about to change thanks to Torsten’s ongoing support and guidance over the past three and a half years. It’s true what they say results speak for themselves. I have now completed numerous endurance events including more than five Ironman races knocking over two hours off my previous PB, how fantastic is that! One thing is for sure as a direct result of Torsten’s first class communication skills, coaching services and uncompromising professionalism I have developed into a far stronger and disciplined athlete.

I am very much looking forward to continue my long term development with the Torsten Triathlon Training in 2009 and beyond.

Thank you Torsten for all your help and support over the years, it means a great deal”.

Neville Yates (Double-Ironman Triathlete & 70.3 & Xterra) – Bath, London (UK, England)

“I am a huge fan! It was no accident that I was able to take 2 hours off my Ironman Triathlon time with Torsten.”

Peter Dykinga (Age-Group Triathlete Ironman Arizona) – Tucson, Arizona


“I recently made the transition from collegiate/post-collegiate middle distance running to triathlon. I went through a checklist of things to do, and get for my transition. (Bike, Bike Shop, Shoes, SRM, Speedo/Goggles..etc.) The thing that turned out to be the most important in this transition was to get a respectable coach. Torsten Abel was my guy.

The thing I first noticed with his coaching was how thorough he was. Most of my communication goes through email and the occasional phone call. There is no delay in his readiness to respond or communicate about anything. He is very approachable and highly knowledgeable about any subject having to do with his passion –triathlon.

Since training with Triathlon Coach Torsten I have seen immense improvements. He has provided me with a swim base that I never really possessed. My power on the bike has gone up by the week since being coached by him. Finally, and what I find to be the most solid proof of his coaching ability, my run has improved. I used to train specifically for the middle distance 800m -10k, usually averaging 85 miles per week, along with several hard sessions. When I picked the other sports up I worried my run would become weaker. That is certainly not the case! My mileage is scaled back and every workout I do from Torsten is of the highest quality. The concrete evidence has been some road races I have competed in, running faster than previous years.

If you want a personable triathlon coach who will show you positive results then Torsten is your man! I know that I look for big results over the next years, with a lot of the credit going to Coach T3″.

Jeff Peterson (Elite Amateur Triathlete & Runner) – Larkspur / San Francisco

“Triathlon Coach Torsten provided me with a personalized training program that took into account my work schedule, training goals, and the daily ups and downs of my life, especially with a new baby in the family.  He evaluated my progress daily and made adjustments as needed.  He knows when to encourage and when to kick your ass.  Most importantly he always took the time to explain the reasoning behind workouts.  The hardest concept for me to grasp initially was that “more” isn’t always better.  Torsten was often quick to point out his disapproval as a coach when I turned an easy training day into a hammerfest.

Previous to training with Coach Torsten, my triathlon races could be characterized as an average swim, solid bike, and a shuffle to the finish line.  T3’s training program has made me stronger in all three disciplines, but the greatest improvement has been in the run.  Now I feel as though the run is the strongest leg of my races.  Prior to my race at Ironman Florida, Torsten reviewed my nutrition plan and race day strategies.  This was my first “A” race under his tutelage and he was more confident than I about the race.  Torsten stressed patience on the bike leg, stay strong for the run.  Patience paid off as I felt strong throughout the run.  I finished over 2 hours faster than my previous Ironman Triathlon race.  Torsten’s goal for me was to finish with a smile on my face and that goal was definitely accomplished.

I have continued to train with Torsten and I continue to improve.  He keeps his workouts fun by adding variety”.

Dave Mufson (Marathon Runner & Age-Group Ironman Triathlete) – San Francisco





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