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Ever wondered why I am still exercising after all these years?  We all have different motives and motivations of course and mine is to “play”.  I played football and tennis for many years as a boy & junior until I switched to triathlons in 1990.  I achieved my triathlon goals because I always tried to have fun and to “play” it.  The minute I noticed that my training turned into a chore I would usually take a day off or two or do something else.  Frankly, I enjoyed my training a lot more than my racing. Interestingly,my best race results & experiences I ever had were when I raced passionately and enjoyed myself. Whatever you goals or motivations of movement might be I think you should get something from it immediately. My daily training opened up new opportunities and paths to new places around the world. I discovered so much about myself and the world we are living in. Training taught me to rely on my instincts,refined fundamental skills such as navigating over unknown territory (Australia, UK) and to find my way back home (we had no GPS devices in the 90s).  I learned to understand & read weather.  Training connected me with people. I learned to tolerate and respect athletes, cultures & mother nature and to appreciate life’s treasures in general. Stay in the moment and enjoy what you’ve got rather than to look too far ahead. I know it is easier said than done. Realize that you have talents and a body that wants to move. Actively explore the world around you.  Take it all in, slow down, hold in and appreciate every moment and movement.

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