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Just a few quick thoughts on racing when not healthy.

Racing when you are sick is not a great idea on many levels. For a start you will never be able to race to your full potential. So, if you still decide to race you only do it to please your ego or others. Your commitment makes you do it.

Please, don’t get me wrong it is great to be committed and whatnot but not to the extend that you are harming your body even more, or is it?

Our body makes us sick for a good reason. Basically, the body pulls the hand-break to make us take a break. “Dude, if you are not taking it easy on me now I will make sure to slow you down and take you to bed with me”.

The body ached and mentally it stunk every step of the way. When you are so far behind your optimum performance you will walk away with a terrible race experience. You feel pissed off by your result.

Frankly, racing makes only sense when you are 100% healthy and prepared.

When your training plan enters the final 2 weeks before a race our focus must shift and prioritize health and “good feelings”. Trust me if you have trained consistently over many months you will be in great shape by then anyway.

You can afford to reduce overall training stress, shift the emphasize toward muscle recovery, energy & electrolyte restoration, fitness maintenance (technique,skill work, specific endurance…), and mental readiness.

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