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7_sisters_millvalleyI hope you have already written down your goals for 2015 and if not I would like to encourage you to take out a piece of paper and start writing them down. I’m suggesting this simple action because over the years I have learned that written down goals generate positive energy. Setting goals is a powerful tool.

I think that goal setting is like making decisions. Practically, you think about a specific goal and after make the decision to write it down, so you can look at it and read it every day.

Decision making is still hard for some people. I had to improve the skill of decision making myself. However, I experienced that the more decisions I made ,the better I was becoming at making them.

Naturally, we all have to make easy and difficult decisions in our life. Usually, we like to tackle the easier one first, don’t’ we? And, that’s a good approach, I think.

The accumulation of positive experiences help us to steadily strengthen confidence in our abilities & skills and reinforces continuation. Muscles become stronger with training and the same applies to your decision-making power.

Decisions become like a snowball effect. I make the decision to pick up a handful of snow off the ground and form a snowball. In the beginning the size of the snowball is fairly small but it becomes bigger and bigger as it picks up momentum rolling down a slope.

Hence, one small decision can change your life. After you have made a decision whatever that might be a new path will open up in front of you -for example: lose weight,change your diet, to learn a new language, improve 1 of the 3 triathlon disciplines, to play an instrument, to work on your business career, your marriage or health-.

Slowly but surely you will gather momentum as you walk on that path and move toward your goal or destination such like a snowball rolls downhill.

Chances of success are always highest if we channel all of our energy into one area at the time. But most people are trying to do too much at once, therefore feel overwhelmed, frustrated and likely lose the interest and motivation in pursuing the goal. Therefore, take baby steps and simplify. Begin with the easiest one on your list and priorities it whiles maintaining all the other goals, too.

Periodize by making sure to put a time limit behind each goal. For example: easy goals should be short term (i.e now,today, or 3-4 weeks) and difficult goals long term (i.e. 6 months, 1 year or 4 years). We need to set time limits in order to maximize chances to succeed or otherwise it will become rather difficult to remain on the path to ‘success’.

  • be pro-active and sit down to think about the things in your life that you want to have changed
  • write down a list of goals.
  • prioritize your goals [the easiest and most exciting ones move to the top of the list].
  • set terms [write down a date you plan to start working on a goal and the date you want to achieve it].

You can do it! Everything is possible if you want it bad enough. Start today! Have fun:) Happy days…






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