Coaching results over the last 10+ years (a small selection):

1st  ITU Long Course Pro World Championships title Leanda Cave (2007)

3rd  70.3 Pro World Championships Leanda Cave (2007)

8th Hawaii Ironman World Championships Leanda Cave (2007)

1st Escape from Alcatraz  Leanda Cave (2007)

1st Escape from Alcatraz Leanda Cave (2008) IMG_7440.JPG

2nd Escape from Alcatraz Leanda Cave (2009)

3rd  X-terra Junior Elite World Championships Joshua Olmstedt (2008)

1st  X-terra USA Junior Elite Champion Joshua Olmstedt (2009)

1st  Arizona State 40k Time Trial Championships (Lisa Ribes Roberts, 2009-2012)

9th ITU Pro Long course World Championships, Immenstadt, Germany Lisa Ribes Roberts (2010)

2nd AG (35-39) 5th OA female Amateur  70.3 Santa Rosa Felicity Joyce (2017)

3rd AG (40-44) 70.3 Santa Rosa Caleb Porter (2017)

2nd AG (60-64) 70.3 St. George Jennifer Hollibaugh (2017)

1st  Santa Cruz International Pro ITU Triathlon (Kelsey Withrow, 2013-2014)

1st AG (40-44) 70.3 Florida Cobi Morales (2016)

1st AG (18-24) 70.3 Florida Joan Rutledge (2016)

2nd AG (45-49) 70.3 Boulder Karin McClealland (2016)

1st AG (35-39) 70.3 Tempe Robin Watson (2015)

1st AG (35-39) 70.3 Vineman Robin Watson (2016)

1st OV Tiburon Triathlon Caleb Porter (2016)

2nd OA Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Austin Brian Nath (2015)

2 x 2nd AG US Nationals Jim & Tracy Aust (2015)

1st AG (35-39) and 3rd OA Marin County Olympic Triathlon Caleb Porter (2015)

Top 10 Xterra World Triathlon Championships Emily Witmann (2014)

    • Age group triathletes excelled and have won medals at IM & 70.3 events, Nationals (Sprint),  and X-terra Triathlons.
    • Over 70 first time 70.3 and Ironman finishers since 2006. 
    • Athletes have qualified for Ironman Hawaii and 70.3 World Championships since 2006
    • Top results & medals at AGE GROUP USA Nationals & ITU World Championships (Sprint & Olympic Distance).
    • Every year countless personal records achieved in Triathlons, Marathons, Half-Marathons, 10km, 5km
    • I have done work for the Hong Kong Triathlon Federation (1999-2000), Endurance Mill Valley (San Francisco,2006) and AIMP coaching (2007-2008).

My coaching style has been shaped & influenced by 1:1 coaching as well as studying & observing other coaches and their methods as well as my very own experimenting and studying sports science (@ University Cardiff, Wales, UK). Over many years I had received & enjoyed the best personal coaching & mentoring one can imagine from a group of international successful coaches from all around the World (Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia, Denmark, USA) who I want to mention:

Roman Gomes Islinger (High Performance Coach Bavarian Triathlon Squad & former German Duathlon Team Coach)

Dr. Thomas Gleissner (former East German National Senior & Junior Cycling Coach until 1989, then Multi-sport).

Stefan Grosse (National High Performance Coach, Germany, former German Triathlon Senior & Junior Coach from 1992-96).

Gary Ireland (National High Performance Swim and Surf & Lifesaving Coach, Australia).

Dr. Adrian Burgi (Head of Coach Education, Switzerland, coach of Olympic Gold Triathlon Medalist, Sydney).

Chris Jones (National High Performance Coach, British & Irish Triathlon National Head Coach, Bath, Swansea).

Then there are coaches,clubs, teams and friends who have been also part of my journey who deserve a mentioning:

Tri Club Lindenberg (Allgaeu), Bavarian Triathlon Elite Squat, DTU Germany National Team, Roland Knoll (former ITU Germany National Coach, former coach of Jan Frodeno), John Carew (Brisbane, one of Australia’s most influential swim coaches who guided Kieren Perkins to two Olympic Gold Medals), Laface Weiden i.d. Oberpfalz , Swim Club Weiden i.d. Oberpfalz, Erwin Frommtknecht, Dieter Frommtknecht, Felix Bydkiewski, Stefan LoweRoland Ballerstedt (2x German Duathlon Champion (one of my first training partners), Dirk Bockel, Leanda Cave, Chris Hauth and the entire British Triathlon National Team Members & stuff in Bath, England, and Swansea, Wales (I had the privilege to train with the team (Simon Lessing, Richard Allen, Steward Heyes, Richard Stannard, Annie Emmerson, Michel Dillon etc) from 2000 until 2005).


My success as an athlete since 1990:

 Personal best performances in all 3 disciplines

SWIM: 200m 2:01min | 1500m 16:50min | 1.2 miles 22:23min | 2.4 miles 47min

BIKE: 180k in 4h33 (IM Arizona 2011), 90k in 2h03:37 (70.3 World Championships 2009)

RUN: 5k 15:22min, 10k 31:20min, Half-Marathon 1h08:30, Marathon 2h48 (IM Arizona 2011)

  • My personal best performances in Triathlons:
    OLYMPIC DISTANCE  = 1h 49 min (1.5-40-10)
    IRONMAN = 8 h 16 min (click here to watch me finish IM Arizona 2011)
    70.3 IRONMAN = 3 h 46 min

Race Results & Accomplishments:

5 times IRONMAN PRO World Championships (Kona, Hawaii) Qualifier
3 times 70.3 PRO World Championships Qualifier

I raced in over 300 triathlons since 1990.

Here is a list of results:

4th Elite IRONMAN Arizona (49min/4h33/2h48min=8:16 hours)
2nd Elite IRONMAN Canada /Penticton  (50:34min/4:44:40h / 2:58:21h =8:41 hours)
10th Elite IRONMAN Texas (US Pro Championships) 8:38:40 hours
10th Elite 70.3 Kansas (25:32min / 2:23h / 1:14:53h = 4:06h)
6th Elite 70.3 Muncie  (26:13min / 2:08h / 1:19:28h = 3:56:40h)
5th Elite Desert Duathlon Phoenix
Qualified for IRONMAN Hawaii (TOP 30)

26th Pro Ironman World Championships Hawaii (52:25 | 4:52h | 2:53h = 8:42:42h) Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 5.27.15 PM
10th Elite Ironman Canada
1st Elite Long Course Triathlon, Port Douglas, Australia
2nd Elite OVERALL RANKING Tri Grand Prix (Europe)
5th Elite Zarauts (1/2 Distance), Spain click here to watch the race video (4mins)
10th Elite Tri Grand Prix Kent, England

3rd IRONMAN Arizona (50:07min | 4:33h | 2:53h = 8:20:39 hours)
70.3 World Championships Clearwater, Florida (22:32min| 2:03:37h | 1:16:32min = 3h46mins)
3rd IRONMAN Switzerland (51:05 min | 4:50 h | 2:52 h = 8:36:38 hours)


10th Elite 70.3 Oceanside, San Diego, Ca
21st Elite 70.3 World Championships (3h 51min)

10th Elite IRONMAN Canada 2007

12th Elite Roth Challenge (My first Ironman) in 8h36min (47/4:41/3:05)
3rd Elite VW Swiss Pro Circuit
6th Elite German Bundesliga, Gladbeck
2nd Elite Germany Bundesliga, Bochold
10th Elite 70.3 UK
15th Elite Olympic Distance, St. Anthony’s Florida
26th Elite 70.3 Oceanside (1st out of the water)
19th Elite The London Triathlon (Olympic Distance)
10th Elite IRONMAN Canada
7th Elite Scott Tinley’s Triathlon

14th Elite 70.3 Oceanside, San Diego (1st HIM + 1st out of the water)
4th Elite 70.3 St. Croix (Fastest Bike Split)
5th Elite 70.3 UK (Fastest Run: 1:14h)

Experienced Triathlon Coach3rd Elite Olympic Distance, New Caledonia

5th Elite, Swiss Grand Prix, Tribble Sprint, Zuger See
2nd Elite Queensland Triathlon Series, Kawana Waters, Australia
6th Elite Queensland Triathlon Series, Caloundra, Australia
4th Elite European Cup, Cefalu, Sicily, Italy
4th Elite European Cup, Ponta Delgada (Azores), Portugal
10th Elite ITU World Cup Points Race, Terceira (Azores), Portugal
9th Elite European Cup, Schliersee Sixtus-Alpen, Germany
5th Elite Overall Ranking, European Cup Series (total of 11 Events)
6th Elite The London Triathlon

5 x ITU World Cup Starts (2000-2002) (incl. 21st Geelong/Australia)
3rd Gold Coast -Triple-Sprint Elite- Australia
7th Australian Aquathlon Champs Elite, Gold Coast, Australia
2nd Pro Queensland Triathlon Series,Twin Waters, Australia
1st Pro Queensland Triathlon Series, Kawana Waters, Australia
6th Elite Schliersee Sixtus-Alpentriathlon, European Cup, Germany
2nd Elite European Cup, Luxemburg
9th Elite European Cup, Ploermel, France
9th Elite European Cup, Madeira, Portugal
ITU World Cup Debut, Lausanne, Switzerland
11th Elite European Cup Finale, Alanya / Turkey
7th Elite Overall Ranking, European Cup Series (11 Events)
2nd Elite Hong Kong

1st European Cup, Luxembourg 1999
10th ITU Echternach, Luxemburg  1999
4th Elite Italian Cup “Adriaman” in Grado, Italy 1999
5th Elite Credit Suisse-Cup, Neuchatel, Switzerland 1999
1st Swabian Champion (Schwaebischer Meister), Germany 1997
1st Allgaeu Champion, Germany 1997
1st Bavarian Open Pro Championships 1996
10th German Olympic Distance National Championships 1996

Over 30 Triathlon Victories as an Amateur from 1992 until 1996


Ironman Arizona Finish!!

Ironman Arizona

Ironman Kona, Hawaii Alii Drive

Ironman Kona, Hawaii
Alii Drive

Swim exit (IM Hawaii) -T1-

Swim exit (IM Hawaii) -T1-


xyz 143




here in this picture I race in the Germany Triathlon Bundesliga representing TSV Oberguenzburg (Allgaeu).

here in this picture I race in the Germany Triathlon Bundesliga representing TSV Oberguenzburg (Allgaeu).

top 10 70.3 Oceanside

top 10 70.3 Oceanside

Ironman Hawaii

Ironman Hawaii

2h48min Marathon at Ironman Arizona 2012

2h48min Marathon at Ironman Arizona 2012

70.3 Oceanside (March 19th, 2005) 1st Pro out of the water in 23:30mins. My debut over the Half-Ironman Distance (4h23, 14th).

70.3 Oceanside (March 19th, 2005) 1st Pro out of the water in 23:30mins. My debut over the Half-Ironman Distance (4h23, 14th).

New Caledonia International Olympic Distance Triathlon 3rd Professional Fastest run split of the day: 10k in just over 32min and

New Caledonia International Olympic Distance Triathlon
3rd Professional
Fastest run split of the day: 10k in just over 32min and

Ironman Hawaii World-Championships (2010) 2:53h Marathon

Ironman Hawaii World-Championships (2010)
2:53h Marathon

3rd Ironman Switzerland 2009

3rd Ironman Switzerland 2009

3rd IM Arizona with a 2:52h Marathon 12sec behind TJ Tollakson

3rd IM Arizona with a 2:52h Marathon
12sec behind TJ Tollakson

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