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Finish Men (165)When you sign up with T3 Torsten Triathlon Coaching I will teach you how to reach a higher level of fitness, become stronger and enjoy racing more successfully.

You can reach me online, on the phone or in person and this is going to be the place where we discuss your training, teach you why and  how we train in specific ways to make sure that it works for you and that you are going to benefit from it, so that you achieve your personal goals.

You will also receive a training plan that is customized around your life (for example: work, family, athletic background, current level of fitness) and goals (for example: Ironman, 70.3’s, Olympic or Sprint Triathlons, 5ks and up to marathons).

The training plan and my coaching will help you to shift your training behaviors specifically to where they should be to achieve your goals.

  • The program will bring accountability.

Accountability will allow you to change your behavior and when you modify your habits or behavior in anything from a negative to a positive behavior you will transform and reenergize your fitness and subsequently your peak performance level.

  • That’s the Power of T3 !! Getting the interaction with me, your coach!

And when you receive a weekly training plan you will then begin to modify and change your behaviors to make sure you get that workout done or complete a training cycle in order to remain on target for set goals. I and the plan serve as reminder for you to exercise and get the training done that is needed to complete an Ironman for example. And, when you start to know the direction to your final destination (i.e. an Ironman in 32 weeks time from now) that will become empowering, energizing and that will ultimately change your training behaviours.

When you know you’ve got 32 weeks to become Ironman race fit, you’ve got to change the way of doing things. Because, if you continue to train the same way over and over again and expecting a different result it’s not going to work.

And if you do not know how to get from A to B you will definitely need a road map, a coach and a plan. Right? However, if you don’t equip yourself with handy tools you will most likely stagnate, get lost and lose sight of the peak of the mountain.

Maybe you are already doing pretty well. You might feel on track and whatnot. I’m convinced, though, that you could do just a little bit better with some fine training adjustments, a better plan and coach. Wouldn’t that be great? I think it would.

Who wants to have regrets later at the end of a race season or in 3 or 4 years time.

Therefore, you will have to make a decision to change your training and make the investment to be part of my coaching service. I love to help you and teach you how to get fitter, train smarter, race faster and achieve better race results. The key for you will be to do the training consistently over and over again.

  •  You will still have to do the training and I will deliver the plan.


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