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Race results (May 24-25)

second-place-trophy-cup-25897269Brian Nath (Dallas, TX) 2nd overall (2nd Age) Life Time Fitness Cap Tax Triathlon


Blue-ribbon4Karen McClelland (Boulder, CO) 4th AGE  (F45) 10k Boulder Boulder


Race results (May 16-17)

  • James Turley (London, UK) finished in 10th at Beaver OD Triathlon in the UK (Worlds Qualifier) -kind of a break-through race for him – big deal:)
    third-place-trophy-cup-25897279Jeff Block (SF) 3rd AGE (50-54) Morgan Hill Triathlon [3/4 mile Swim 17:46 Bike 15mi 44:00 Run 5mi 34:41)Mike Halper (SF) 8th AGE (50-54) Morgan Hill Triathlon [19:15 – 46:10 – 37:02min]
  • Nicole Brown had a great swim (33′) and bike (2:42h) at 70.3 Chattanooga . Nicole started the run in 8th but the heat & humidity got to her unfortunately. This is all part of growing as an athlete. It’s not always plain sailing. Not an easy decision to pull out but better to stop thus preventing more damage to the body. Always listen to your body. ‪#‎respectyourbody‬.
  • Big shout out to Ricardo Urbina (Redwood city,CA) who is going to race Ironman Hawaii in October. He raced IM Texas and finished 10th AGE (35-39) in 9:45h.
  • Tabby Block (16 years of age, SF) completed her first Marathon in Santa Cruz. Tabby worked hard and finished in 5:45h. Super tired now and blisters everywhere:) Congratulations..Tabby you rock!!

Race results (May 02)

Blue-ribbon4Robin Watson….4th AGE (35-39)…2nd American….26:27min Swim (7th fastest swim overall including Pros) |2h52 Bike|1h44 Run 70.3 St.George (US Nationals)

Emily Witmann21st AGE (30-34) 35min Swim 3:10h Bike 1:50h Rrun  70.3 St.George


Jennifer Hollibaugh 1st AGE (55-59) CHAMPION!Wildflower Long Course 



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