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Running the marathon in an Ironman is more about strength than speed.  During my pre-season training my transitions run aren’t “fancy” (only zone 2!!) and only serve the purpose to go through the emotions having to run off after a long bike ride and to maintain proper running form (tall, turnover, proper foot-placement, forward lean, relaxed shoulders etc).

About 2 months before my Ironman’s I used to start to emphasize a much more focused run off the bike.

For example: quick transition – light warm up jog followed by 15mins steady – I would stop at the bottom of a short hill and then run  up at a hard effort (150-200m) and focusing on great form. On the way back down I wouldn’t just jog or walk but maintain a moderate pace. I would increase the number of hill repeats gradually week by week starting with 5 to 8, then 10 and finally finish off with 20x. After the 8th hill and always after my 10th repeat I would add a 10mins tempo interval which taught me to run with proper form and at target race pace (or 1 to 3% above) despite tired legs (this is what I call ‘fatique resistance training’). After, I would quickly stretch my legs (injury prevention, drink water) and resume the next round of hill repeats or add a series of short sprint (8 to 12 sec) trying to overcome fatigue and practice my sprint to the finish in races.

Run off workout (1)Kelsey_hills1

  • 2-4mins light jog/walk + 15mins steady running (+ gentle stretching + water + if you need 1x gel)
  •  5 to 8 x 200m short hill repeats at a hard effort (progression: 10x)
  •  10min at target race pace (or + 1 to 3% above)
  • 5 to 10mins warm down jog.

Run off workout (2)

  • 2-4min light jog/walk + 15mins steady running
  • 10x 200m hard uphill + 10mins at target RP  + 5x 200m hard uphills OR 3 to 10x 8 to 12sec hill or flat sprints w/1min rec jogs
  • 10mins easy jogging to warm down.

Run off workout (3)

  • 2-4mins light jog/walk + 15mins steady
  • 10x 200m hills + 10mins at target RP + 10x 200m hills
  • 10mins easy jogging to warm down.
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