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During my short course* Triathlon career (1991-2004) with many 32min 10k’s off the bike, I worked very hard on improving my stride length with specific strength training such as

  •  hill repeats (bounding —> view video).
  •  speedwork
  •  plyometrics
  •  stretching & flexibility training
  •  miles miles miles of running on trails etc 15272329_1364713100227911_4161846985754094263_o

Increasing my rear leg drive with a harder toe-off and increased range of motions enabled me to run fast.

You can do it too by starting now!

Lift your knees slightly higher, pushing off harder at toe-off, and extending ankle, hip and knee (3 major joints). Quicker strides are good, but not as critical as longer strides.

Enjoy the training!

Coach Torsten Abel


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