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70.3 Xiamen (China) 

  • Mary Robbins 1st AG (30-35) 3rd OV Amateur 4:41h (S 22:27 B 2:22:06h R 1:47h)

Morro Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon

  • Kevin Slemp 4th AG (30-40) 11th Overall

Half-Marathon Redwood City

  • Kyle Williams new PR (5mins) 1:27h




Ironman Hawaii World Championships 

  • Mary Robbins 49th AG (30-35) 11:27h (S 59min B 5:27h R 4:42h)

Truckee Ultra Trail Race

  • Jennifer Hollibough winning!



35th Annual Santa Cruz Triathlon 

  • Wendy Jacobson 3rd AG (35-39)
  • Caleb Porter 2nd AG (40-44)

70.3 Santa Cruz

  • Wendy Jacobson 8th AG (35-39) OA 62nd out of 520
  • John Kinnane 71st AG (30-34) OA 399th out of 1369
  • Andy Henson 39th AG (40-44) OA 280th out of 1369

70.3 World Championships Chattanooga 

  • Mary Robbins 31st AG (30-34) -first off the bike-
  • Felicity Joyce 188th AG (35-39)
  • Jennifer Hollibough 39th AG (60-64)
  • Jeff Block 25th AG (55-59)
  • Graham Balch 190th AG (40-44) -new PR-
  • German Alexis Marmol (Ecuador) 164th AG (25-29)

ITU World Championships Aquabike (3k Swim 120k Bike)

  • Nancy Russel (San Rafael) 6th AG (60-64)

Oakland Sprint Triathlon 

  • Mike Halper (San Francisco) 1st AG (55-59)




70.3 Qujing (China) August 27th

  • Mary Robins (SF) 1st AG (30-34) 2nd OV Amateur
  • Ricardo Urbina (San Rafael) 1st AG (35-39) 2nd OV Amateur

USA Nationals Olympic Distance (Omaha) August 12th 

  • Jeff Block (San Francisco) 9th AG (55-59)
  • Graham Balch (San Rafael) 43th AG (40-44)

Sprint Triathlon (Chapel Hill, NC) August 13th

  • Mary Robins 1st Overall

Aquabike (AB) Santa Cruz August 13th

  • Nancy Russel (San Rafael) 1st AG (60-64)
  • Felicity Joyce (Mill Valley) 1st OA

Tri the Cure -Sprint Triathlon- Denver August 6th

  • Beatriz Arbat (Denver,CO) 2nd AG (45-49)



70.3 Ecuador July 30th

  • Giovanny Marmol (Quito, Ecuador) 12th OV in 4:18h

Triathlon for Real -Olympic Distance- (Sacramento) July 24th

  • Wendy Jacobsen (Standord, CA) 1st AG (35-39)


Pleasanton (California) June 26th

Sprint Distance

  • Andy Hanson (Alamo,CA) 4th AG (40-44) 1oth OV Amateur in 1:00:32h

Olympic Distance

  • John Kinnane (SF) 19th AG (30-34) 104th OA in 2:34h

Aquabike (AB) 1500 swim + 40k Bike

  • Felicity Joyce (Mill Valley,CA) 1st AG (35-39) 2nd OV

Triathlon for Real -Olympic Distance- (Sacramento) June 12th

  • Wendy Jacobsen (Stanford,CA) 2nd AG (35-39)

Monte Rio Olympic Distance June 4th

  • Caleb Porter 2nd AG (40-44) 8th Overall
  • Andy Hanson 4th AG (40-44) 27th Overall


70.3 Santa Rosa May 13th 

  • Felicity Joyce (Mill Valley, CA) 2nd AG (35-39) 5th OA (4:51h) and qualified for 70.3 Worlds !!
  • Caleb Porter (San Anselmo,CA) 3rd AG (40-44) new PR (4:34h) and qualified for 70.3 Worlds !!
  • Wendy Jacobsen (Stanford, CA) 12th AG (35-39) new PR (5:27h)
  • John Kinnane (San Francisco, CA) 86th AG (30-34) finished his first 70.3 in 5:31h!
  • Andy Hanson (Alamo, CA) 38th AG (40-44) 5:09h and new PR by 35mins!!
  • Mary Robbins -as agreed- did only the swim and bike. Great times ahead of you. Let’s do it!! 29min Swim + 2:28h 1st overall amateur…Much more to come!! Your hard work will pay off. Exciting times!!

70.3 Monterey 

  • Andres Schellenberg (Guatemala) -very happy for you and the way you executed in very hot & humid weather!! 15min new PR!! 39- 2:42- 2:34= 6:02h 116th AG (30-34)

70.3 St.George May 6th

  • Jennifer Hollibough (Morgan Hill, CA)   2nd AG (60-64)    Qualified for 70.3 Worlds! April

St. Louis 7k Run April 10th 


Lizzie Halper (San Francisco, CA)   3rd AG   (F 18-24)


70.3 Florida April 9th 

  • Caleb Porter (San Anselmo, CA) finished 13th AG (40-44)  in a time of 4:35h (New PR by 5min) . His 2:17h for the 56mile was the fastest bike split in his age group and a new personal record by almost 10min (previously 2:26:32h).


70.3 Galveston (Texas) April 2nd

second-place-trophy-cup-25897269Jeff Block (San Francisco) 2nd AG (55-59) in 4:49 h and new PR at 55!! He qualified for the 70.3 World Championships.


Miami Beach Olympic Distance April 2nd

third-place-trophy-cup-25897279Danielle Villoch (Miami) 3rd AG (30-34) 7th OA in 2:29 hours (new PR).


Ironman South Africa April 2nd

  • Mary Robbins (Chapel Hill) 6th AG (30-34) in 11:04 hours.



Azalea Sprint Triathlon (300m Swim 14.4km Bike 5k Run) March 12

contest-clipart-3491974-trophyMary Robbins (Chapel Hill, NC) dominates season opener.

Mary is the overall winner of the Azalea Sprint Triathlon (300m Swim 14.4km Bike 5k Run) -the #1 event of the AAA Car                 Care North Carolina Triathlon Series-

Splits: 3:59min swim – 22:34min bike (25mph, average 249watts) – 20:11min.

Great little tune up race for the Ironman South Africa,April 2nd.


50km Marin Ultra Trail Race (San Francisco) March 11

second-place-trophy-cup-25897269Tanja Meyer (San Rafael) finished 2nd Overall at the 50k Marin Ultra Trail Race (6300′ Elevation Gain) in 4:24h.



Desert Triathlon -Palm Springs- March 05

contest-clipart-3491974-trophyCaleb Porter (San Anselmo) 1st AG (40-44) and 11th OA


Stanford Treeathlon -March 05

contest-clipart-3491974-trophyWendy Jacobsen  (Stanford) 1st AG (35-39) and 3rd OA


10.1k Road Run ‘Policia Heroes de Paz’ (Quito, Ecuador, 9300 feet) -hilly course-

  • Giovanny Marmol Ruiz (Quito) 35:05mins
  • Germany Marmol Ruiz (Quito) 37:52min

1/2 Marathon in Charleston -March 05

  • Tyson Schuetze (Charleston) finished in 2:08:51h (new PR by 7min)



Kaiser Half Marathon (San Francisco) February 5th

  • Caleb Porter (San Anselmo, CA) achieves a new personal record with 86min (6min improvement from last year)
  • Jeff Block (San Francisco) 1:35h (29th AG 50-54)
  • Michael Halper (San Francisco) 1:45h (58th AG 50-54)


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