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Remain calm and embrace all emotions that will emerge during a proper taper.

Emotions will always be part of the training process and racing.

In an attempt to deliver your A-game in an upcoming event we need to reduce training stress during a taper in order to re-build physical and psychological strength.

All of a sudden more and more energy begins to build up during a taper which is a good sign, of course. The majority of emotions should be good ones leading up to a race, however, inevitably there are times of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Experienced athletes know how to handle pre-race pressure. They remain calm, established a routine they can focus on -the “path”- whereas inexperienced athletes, though, are prone to loss control and sight of the goal.

Turn to your coach to receive emotional support. Of all people, it’s your coach who should be motivated to help you with guidance and direction.

In addition, take advantage of a training log (I hope you are keeping one) to be re-viewed when in doubt or when questions arise concerning race strategy and race expectations. An experience coach should be able to help you with this, too.

A training log can provide vital data & feedback to both, athlete and coach, which then can be used to establish realistic goals, mental clarity and emotional stability.

When there is hope for the future then there is power in the presence.


T3 “transition to the next performance level”

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