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  •  Control your effort, be disciplined and develop a good feel for the pace. ‘Hard but comfortable’ is what you’re aiming for.
  • (mile 10) Ironman World Championships Kona, Running a 2h53min Marathon

    (mile 10) Ironman World Championships Kona, Running a 2h53min Marathon

    Remain focused. It’s easy to lose concentration and slow down, or get carried away and speed up.

  •  Improvements should be measured in terms of achieving a similar time for less effort, not pushing harder!
  •  If training with others, be prepared to drop off the pace. Don’t get sucked in.
  •  Rest intervals should be short to make the best use of your time. Don’t let yourself recover too much and, most importantly, short rest mean you won’t go too fast.
  •  Tempo work feels good but don’t let too much creep into other sessions. Cut short or abandon a workout if pace or power (wattage) drops significantly. You tap into energy resources, otherwise, and subsequent training days can be negatively affected. Too much of anything can be counterproductive (overtraining–>injury–>burnout).
  •  If running or riding outdoors with a heart rate monitor (HRM), use a 10 beat band: +/- 5 beats from your target.
  • Don’t rely totally on your HRM: they’re very useful, so don’t get me wrong, but they’re no substitute for your own feel (instinct;perceived effort) for pace.

Have fun and happy training.

Thanks for reading!!

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