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  • ID,Driving licens
  • Triathlon membership card
  • Pick up timing chip, race number, and safety pins at race registration
  • Bring spare transition bags, safety pins and race belt
  • Money, CC
  • Rubber bands (cycling shoes)
  • a towel for transition
  • food for race morning such as energy bars, banana, gels and energy drink
  • warm clothing


  • tool box (bike)
  • a cycling pump (optional)
  • CO2 cartilages
  • Sunscreen
  • Spare tube
  • scissors
  • tape
  • spare rubber bands
  • vaseline
  • backpack (with personal items)

Swim check list

  • wetsuit, swim race suit (depending on water temperatures, bring both just in case)
  • vaseline (wetsuit)
  • goggles (bring a spare pair of googles just in case)
  • swim stretch cords (warm up)
  • neoprene cap
  • warm socks or use neoprene socks (pre swim to keep your feet warm and protected then dispose or hand it to your crew)

Bike check list

  • helmet (road or aero)
  • cycling shoes
  • cycling socks if needed
  • rubber bands
  • spare inner tubes, tire
  • sunscreen
  • cycling pump
  • race nutrition for the bike
  • bike computer, powermeter (charged)
  • headland (comes in handy if it’s dark)
  • a clean bike, lubed chain, charged electronically shifters

Run check list

  • visor, hat
  • clean sunglasses
  • running race flats
  • running socks
  • GPS running watch (charged)
  • sunlotion
  • gels, salt tabs etc carried in a ziplock

Post race check list

  • towel
  • cleaning wipes
  • shower gel
  • recovery drink (protein + carbs)
  • casual (warm) clothing & shoes
  • medical support tool box (bandages, alcohol pads etc)






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