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T1 007My coaching goals at T3 (Torsten Triathlon Training):

  • Offering quality to my individual athlete.
  • Delivery of the best training plan for my individual athlete.
  • Providing the support that my individual athlete requires.
  • Listen to my individual athlete’s concerns, issues, ideas and feedback.
  • Show my individual athlete that I care and that I want to maximize your success.
  • Focus on training data.
  • Given everything I know. SHARING my Experience on Training & RACING! This is the most rewarding thing as a coach/teacher, I believe.
  • Getting attached to YOUR GOALS (via communication).

In order to assure the best coaching relationship I ask you to consider the following:

Please apply in writing. Coaching inquiries should include

  • Athletic  background
  • Goals for 2016
  • Reason why you contacted me

Coaching agreement list:

  • Key word: Communication! Communicate with me which shows me you are engaged in the training process. Share your concerns, observations, questions and progress as we proceed through training phases and racing.
  • Provide me with training data, input and feedback in order to COACH YOU INDIVIDUALLY, TO YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS.
  • Update your training log (it takes less then 5mins to do that).
  • Athlete reviews the “action plan”, executes and feels comfortable with it. IF NOT CONTACT ME with QUESTIONS or CONCERNS.
  • Athlete takes responsibility for things under their own control.

Please do not apply:

  • If you have doubts that I can help you achieve your goals in 2014.
  • If you have an issue to communicate with me.
  • If you question the value in my coaching.

Coaching fees: New athletes refer to Plans & Pricing.

Let’s train for an awesome 2016! What are you waiting for??


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