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4611_98856367469_5893799_n[1]TRIATHLON RACE & TRAVEL CHECKLIST:

  • General Items

O Wallet, ID, Passport, cash etc.
O Triathlon Race licence (USAT Card etc)
O Pre-Triathlon Race Food (items you prefer to bring from home and can’t do without )
O Triathlon Race nutrition (bars, gels, energy powder…)
O Body glide, vasiline, baby oil
O Small backpack (transition bag)
O Sportswatch, Heart rate monitor, GPS
O Toothbrush and paste
O Flight & Hotel information
O Grocery & Restaurant information
O Training facility information (Pool, Gym, track)
O Race information (check-in, directions, race start etc)
O Extra safety pins
O Extra small towel (transition)
O Extra contacts/glasses
O First aid kit
O Prescription drugs and Ibuprofen

  • Swim

O Wetsuit
O Swimsuit
O Googles (bring several with different lenses)
O Extra swim cap (neo swim cap for cold water)
O Towel (small/big)

  • Bike                                                                                          Run

O Bike                                                                                            O Running shoes
O Bike helmet                                                                                O Running shirt and shorts
O Cycling shoes                                                                            O Running socks
O Cycling gloves                                                                           O Fuel & Water belt
O Cycling jersey                                                                            O Number belt
O Cycling shorts                                                                            O Extra Sunscreen
O Cycling socks                                                                             O Extra Sunglasses
O Sports Bra                                                                                  O Extra socks
O Pump                                                                                          O Vasiline
O Spare tubes                                                                                O Race nutrition
O Tools
O Bento Box
O Water bottles
O Underseat bag
O Extra water bottles
O Race nutrition

  • Post Race Items

O Toothbrush & toot past
O Sunscreen
O Water (rehydrate)
O Money (cash)
O Toilet paper
O Cell phone & Charger
O Comfortable clothes and shoes for after the race
O Post race food
O Hotel Key


Good luck and dare to believe!!

Triathlon Coach Torsten

San Francisco







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  1. How to cope with pre-race nerves and to TRIUMPH | Torsten Triathlon Training
    August 6, 2014

    […] ORGANISATION Being  organised will help stem nerves. I focus on what my priorities are for my travel and at my destination (do I need to bring my own food, grocery stores, training facilities, climate, quiet hotel room, race briefings etc). I always try to get to the race in plenty of  time to park, setting up transition area, going through the race and transitions  in myhead, and sorting out any bike niggles (well, this really should be sorted out well ahead of race day. Niggles like pumping up tires etc). I try to be finished with all of  that about 1hrs before race starts. Then listen to calming music whiles sitting  relaxed (staying warm with proper clothing) near the transition away from all  the huzzle and buzzle. Now, focus, rehears tactics (nutrition, goals, repeat  mantras, paint a picture of yourself how you going to conquer bad patches (what  to do in those situations) and how strong you will finish the race, smile).  Check out the swim course (current, sun, landmarks, transition run) the day  before or so. PREPARATION Preparation is  key to overcoming negative nerves. You’ve done all the training and arrived safe  and sound at the race. Recall all the hard work you put into this. It’s your day  you worked so hard to get to. Learning some relaxation techniques will ensure  you control nervous energy. I focus for example on my breath. Close your eyes  and breath slowly through your nose until your stomach expands. Hold your breath  for 4 seconds before blowing out slowly and repeating. Writing down a race goal  (or, mantra “be strong; relax; great form” and plan will give you something to  visualise at the start or even during the race as I put sometimes a sticker onto  my frame with a quote or similar (mantra: “be strong”, “I feel light and strong”, “I can I can I can”) and provide extra  confidence. […]

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