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Sports Journalist or so called fitness experts love to claim in magazines every now and again they know something new, draw attention, make readers confused and make themselves look cool and brilliant.

T3  "transition to the next level" T orsten T riathlon T raining

“transition to the next level”
T orsten T riathlon T raining

The reality is that not much has changed over many years. You still need to train right. Train hard as in being consistent & rest hard when the body ask for it. Listen to your body at all times. Your body will reward you for it. Don’t overtrain.

The key to success is not necessarily more training miles. Law of overload still applies. Work on your weakness & strength. Work on your mental game.

Harness the full power of your mind to maximise the amount of performance you can get out of it. You can afford to run “ugly” and still achieve amazing results if you are determined.

Stuff like that hasn’t changed and will still lead to success in the future.


[T orsten T riathlon T raining]


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