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Athletes who succeed are willing to do what it takes. I have seen many athletes who are not willing to do what it takes and do whatever they want. Often athletes do not know what it means to do what it takes. It is very important to work on every attribute that will help us to deliver our A -Game on race day.

We need to be willing to work especially on the not so fancy areas. Champion athletes enjoy putting in the “work”, to dig deeper (Rule # 5), and doing the stuff that no one is willing to do and they also take great satisfaction (+ mental stamina/confidence) from doing exactly that repeatedly over long periods of time (years):

Going past the point of emotional fatigue
Long specific endurance sets (repetition work and steady state efforts)

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? But, these are the kind of challenges (I only mentioned a few) that successful athletes like to take in order to get what they want. People get tempted to do what they want, re-think things all the time, procrastinating, do what sounds “more fun” or fooling themselves thinking they do it right with a training schedule that is too intense and leaves them spent.

I noticed a motivation in athletes to train with fast(er) athletes or people who have been following a hype surrounding a particular training program in the “city” and still wondering why they still not have improved their race results, keep failing to reach peak performance when it really matters, can’t drop body fat and keep getting injuries or colds/flues.

I also learned that training with a slower training partner who is dedicated and like-minded is highly beneficial. We should surround ourself with good people anyway who can inspire us in so many ways not only from an athletic point of view.

Successful racing comes from training maturity. Want to be successful and get better results think long term rather then looking for short cuts. Same applies to nutrition and diet. Success in endurance sports doesn’t happen over night or 6 months of good training. It takes years.


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