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Don’t get too upset if you don’t always get what you want. That’s life!

Suffering gives us the motivation to change. Whether that change is positive or negative is up to us. Suffering also gives us the gift of empathy for all who suffer as we do.

Kids should learn this, too.

Playing sports (racing) mirrors life. Inevitably, we win but more often we loss. That’s just part of the deal here in this world. I think we need to be exposed to suffering whether it’s part of a race, practice, relationships, school or whatever it is.

After a defeat you may feel sorry for yourself, lick your wounds over the remainder of the day but then make sure to wake up the next day with a fresh outlook on life and a positive attitude.

Cultivate an internal attitude of “yes” to life. Become newly inspired,curious and motivated to get the best out of yourself during every single task and workout every single day.

And when you don’t win that particular ‘trophy’ right away -maybe it takes longer than you can imagine- don’t get annoyed when you have to wait, rejoice in extra time to practice being present.

Not everyone can step up onto the podium, win a race, earn a PhD or IM Kona slot.
Maybe we need to change our priorities or habits to get what we want and even then chances a very slim.
Talent is a gift but there will be a point where we have to put in the hard miles,too.
Generally, I also think being less talented can be a blessing in disguise and not a disadvantage. You just learn to dig deeper and toughen up (@rule#5).

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