23 January

Specific & Unspecific Triathlon Strength training

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Strength training for us is one of many training methods.  Strength training has been around for many years. In the 50’s and 60s running coaches have already emphasized strength training. Since then coaches focused on high-rep & light weights or low-rep & heavy weights. And, of course, there are coaches that hadn’t included strength training […]

17 January

Restorative Nutrition for Triathletes

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Restorative Nutrition Low-zinc diet 1. Peak O2 uptake down —> decreased muscle strength 2. O2 output down 3.Respiratory exchange ratio down—> endurance decrease Omega 3 1. Motivation and drive to succeed is higher in athletes with omega-3 fats–> Less depressed. 2. Improved performance due to upgrading blood flows to muscles. 3. Reduces muscle inflammation. Glutamine 1.Improved connective-tissue repair. Vitamin […]

8 January

Healthy Diet: My top 8 healthy choices

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Over many years, as a goal driven elite athlete I was always motivated and interested in refining my diet to become a more successful athlete. Athlete’s success depends on training consistency & training content. Health still remains the foundation upon training is build. Being unhealthy or injured is an athlete’s no.1 enemy. Therefore, my priority […]

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